What is "out of quota"?

On occasion, some of our users may have encountered an error message saying: "Your number of searches/day is out of quota"

What exactly does it mean?

It is actually nothing to be afraid of, and we will not charge you anything more for this. 

This happens when you (or our Keywords Auto-Discovery Mode) configure too many searches/day compared to the current plan you have. Basically, your number of searches/day exceeds the maximum number your current plan offers. To avoid spending more searches/day than what you paid for, we will then calculate a multiplying factor. It is based on the total number of searches/day you have configured on your account, and what your current plan offers. We will then apply this multiplying factor to all the searches/days configured on all your keywords.

Let's take an example:

Most of the time, tailored campaigns do not follow square numbers and in this example, the account owner has subscribed to a  500 searches/day plan. However, after configuring its campaign, the user exceeded the maximum number of 500 by quite a lot: 884 searches/day. The system then has to apply a multiplying factor of 0.566 to all searches/day configured in order to reduce 884 down to about 500.

Whatever the number of keywords on your campaign, our system will adapt the search to match the current plan. In this case, our 5 keywords will be affected by the multiplier of 0.566:

  • "keyword number 1" will be searched 242 x 0.566 = 136.97 times per day on average: after 100 days, this keyword should have been searched 13,697 times.
  • "keyword number 2" will be searched 231 x 0.566 = 130.7 times per day
  • etc.

/!\ Careful though, the multiplier will apply to all your active campaigns and therefore modify the amount of search to your previous campaigns as well!

How do we make it simpler for you?

In order to simplify things for all new customers, we have developed the "Keyword Auto-discovery" automated system. If you wish to know more about how to set up your keywords automatically with your Google Search Console, please follow the instruction in this article.