How to create your first campaign?

Create a new campaign is really easy on SERP Empire. In just a few steps, your campaign will be created and your rankings will start to go up!

Step 1: Locate the "Create a new campaign" button and click on it. It's on your "Dashboard" page.

Step 2: Fill the form according to your needs:

  • Website: We recommend you configure your domain "" in the "website" field rather than a URL.
  • Keyword: You should write the name of your brand to start. Be sure to choose a keyword where your website appears on the first 3 pages.
  • Country: Choose the country you would like to rank in. If your website is international, we recommend you to create multiple campaigns with the same keywords (for example one for the USA, another for the UK, Canada, Australia, etc.)
  • Searches/day: For brand awareness, 50 is a good start for the majority of the websites, but it depends on the popularity you already have. If you are Coca-Cola, you can put a higher number here. :-) For other keywords, check our other help guide to know which number you should put here.
  • Parameters: you can tune them, but our default settings are enough for the majority of our users.

Last step: Click on "Create". That's it, your campaign has been created and is already running!