How to configure your keywords using our Keywords Auto-Discovery Mode

Estimated time to do this task: 1 minute

How does it work?

To help configure the keywords and the number of searches/day correctly for your campaign, we strongly recommend you use our "Keywords Auto-Discovery Mode".

This will link your Google Search Console account with your SERP Empire campaign and seamlessly upload your website's keywords into the campaign without a further step on your part. Our algorithm will then automatically allocate the right number of searches to each of these keywords, based on their relevance and priority. The keywords and searches/day will then be 100% optimized to have the best results over time and updated each day to take care of the new relevant keywords.

How to use it?

Simply start a campaign, and enter your website as usual. Then go into the "Keywords" tab next to the settings and activate the automatic mode:

A new page opens, offering you to connect your Google Search Console to the current campaign to retrieve your keywords. Click on "Connect my Google Search Console" as shown:

Add your Google account and then choose the related domain corresponding to your campaign.

And here you are! You can now check the settings we automatically configured for you.

How could I check the results?

We need a few seconds (usually less than 3 seconds) to retrieve your keywords after linking your Google Search Console account. Once retrieved, you can check the keyword list and corresponding searches/day configured for you on the Keywords page: