How to choose the keywords and the searches/day?

/!\ We strongly recommend that you configure your keywords and searches/day using our Keywords Auto-Discovery Mode.

If you wish to do it differently, here is how to configure your keywords and searches/day manually (not recommended - this algorithm is too basic and could end up configuring too many searches/day on your campaign):

Step 1: Check the "Performance" page of your website and select the data for the last 3 months.

Step 2: Download your keyword list and import it into a Google Sheets.

Step 3: Remove all the keywords where your position is above 30. We only go through the first 3 pages and will not be able to find your website if it's over position 30.

  • Go to Data -> Turn On Filter
  • Click on Position -> Filter by condition -> Less than or equal to 30

Step 4: You now have a list of keywords that need visibility improvement. To know how many searches/day you should configure, take the number of "impressions" of your keyword, divide it by the number of days you are currently checking (usually 90 days), and multiply by 0.25. This means that we will create about 25% additional searches for your keywords by clicking exclusively on the search result. You could, for example, use this formula in F2: =CEILING(C2/90*0.25).

/!\ This algorithm is too basic: the algorithm we use in our Keywords Auto-Discovery Mode takes into consideration the exact position of the website and the trend over the last months.

Step 5: Import this in SERP Empire using the "Bulk mode". That's it!

To activate the "Bulk mode", we invite you to read this article.