How the Keywords Auto-Discovery works?

Keywords Auto-Discovery is a magic feature:

Thanks to our algorithm, we will automatically configure your keywords list and optimize your searches/day of your campaigns. But how it works?

First, we need you to connect to your Google Search Console account. Once connected, we can precisely pick the number of clicks and impressions your website receives for all your keywords. Then, thank you to our algorithm, we will calculate the optimized clicks we should generate on your website, so it ranks on average two positions higher after three months.

For this, we calculated the average CTR of all our customers' websites depending on their position. We found the following information:

Position CTR
1 33
2 19
3 13
4 10
5 8
6 5

This means that for a keyword "example" with 100 impressions/day, the website on position six will receive, on average, five visits/day. 

This website should receive ten visits per day to rank two positions higher. We will then configure five searches/per day for this keyword. It will then mean that this keyword receives a total of 105 impressions/day, and this website receives 10 visits/day - the CTR will then be close to 10, and Google will automatically rank this website higher after a few weeks.

Please note that the algorithm explained here is pretty basic. Our algorithm is secret and takes care of the CTR, impressions, outliers, bias, brand keywords, etc. It required more than two years of work, trial and improvement to be optimized, and we continue to work on it daily.