Why the searches/day are not integer?

If you activated our "Keywords Auto-Discovery" feature to retrieve automatically the list of all your keywords, you may have asked yourself why the number of searches per day allocated to each of them is not an integer.

The reason is actually quite logical:

In order to keep the traffic as organic as possible, we have developed our algorithm to tailor the number of searches allocated to each keyword in relation to the usual frequency of searches online per week.

For example:

If one of your keywords is usually searched 1 time every 10 days, then our system will apply a ratio of 0.1, for a keyword usually searched 2 times a day, the ratio will be 2. Applied to this ratio a percentage of traffic from our platform (between 15% and 30%) for a proper organic increase and the result obtained will look like this:

In order to keep the searches as close to your usual organic traffic, we will in this example research the "Keyword 1" 2 times on Monday, 3 times on Tuesday, then again 2 times on Wednesday... At the end of the week, we will have researched "Keyword 1", 2.27 times per day on average.

The same scenario will be applied to Keyword 2, 3, 4, etc.

A keyword with less than a value of 1 a day will be researched 1 time once in a while. For example, at 0.2, we will research the keyword only 1 time within 5 days.