How can I target a specific page?

Default Rule

As a "default rule", it is advisable to configure your domain name as "website", so we are sure to find it:

Other rules

There are many use cases of SERP Empire, people don't always want to click on the first result showing their website, but sometimes on a specific page, or on a page containing an ID. 

Here are some of the main use cases:

Specific page

Sometimes you have two pages ranking for the same keywords and you want to receive the click on the second page specifically. You should then configure the URL of your page (without http and www):

Specific ID

Sometimes the page you would like to rank changes depending on the keywords but always contains the same text in the URL. The typical use case would be a product on Amazon that you may reach through different channels. 

For example, the "Echo Dot" could be reached from the following different addresses:

To be sure to receive organic traffic on all these pages, you can configure the website with the "ID" of the product, present on all the pages: