What results can I expect?

Here is what a perfectly normal behavior should look like:

After starting a new campaign on SERP Empire, the rankings will start to bounce. It usually happens after a few days, up to 10 days after you start the campaign. This means that your positions will go up, then down, and up again, etc.

About 45 days after the start of your new campaign, the rankings will then start to stabilize, usually in the highest position reached by your website when its positions were bouncing. Here are the rankings of a website for 45 days after the start:

The website was first positioned 16 for a keyword. After 8 days, the position fluctuated, from 13 to 18 and then back to 12, etc. After about 40 days, it started to stabilize at the higher position reached: between positions 7 and 6, and even position 5 on day 45.