Everything about our 7 days FREE TRIAL

Our 7 days free trial is a way for SERPempire to showcase what our platform can do for you, but how does it work? 

It is pretty simple:

  1. Enter your email address to create a free account with us. You will receive an automated email verification with a link for you to click in order to formalize your email with your account

This email is important as it is the one you will refer to when addressing the support for any sort of verification on your account. It is basically "your ID".

2. You will be offered to start our free trial. Just click on it and enter the URL of the website or page you would like to test with our free 50 searches. Then choose the country where you want the searches to come from.

Be mindful that the URL must be exactly the same as the one appearing when you make keyword research on Google, aka your domain name. Since our system is fully automated, it will research your keywords on Google Search and then click on the URL that appears within the first 3 pages of results. If the URL is different (with or without www. for example..) then you will receive a NOT FOUND result from our system. 

3. There you go, you can sit back and relax: we will do the rest. 

We will look into the first 20 most relevant keywords recorded on your webpage and start making searches for them. If you have less than 20 keywords, we will limit our searches to those few so you will have a bit more. If you have more than 20 keywords (some sites have more than 500) we will start searching on those 20 top keywords and boost their visibility.


4. Our system will display NOT FOUND results if:

  • Your URL is not exact, as mentioned previously
  • Your website is too new and the keywords are not yet properly recorded by Google

There we go, you know everything there is to know about our trial. 

Once again, this is on no occasion a "due", it is just an offer for you to check our system's efficiency and let you see the value of our service! So we hope that you will enjoy your free trial and if you have any difficulties/questions, do not hesitate to contact us!