What keywords should I choose for GMB?

When creating a GMB campaign, choosing the right keywords is the most important step to success! If you do not see a "Local Pack" appear when you make a search on Google search with the related keywords, then no one is searching for those keywords on Google maps and Google does not even consider it interesting to refer to Maps for this search...

Even if you believe that your keywords are representative of your current business: Let's say that you own a recruitment agency and that the keywords "job", "jobs", "employment" are some of the most important currently in use on your website, well "job + location" does not trigger anything... This means that, even if you open Maps and get some results for those keywords, it is just Google trying to present you with some sort of a result but very few to no customers actually make that research on Google Maps. Otherwise, you would have that "Local Pack" on your search page, basic math.

In this example, people would rather search "recruiter" or "employment agency" or "recruiting agency" + location. These are the real keywords for GMB.

You can now relate to your own business and ask yourself: "If I was looking on google Maps, not on Google... what words would I type?"