Everything about GMB campaigns

SERP Empire can help you in improving your GMB (Google My Business) ranking. Here are the important steps you should read before setting up your first GMB campaign:

  1. First, you should try to improve your ranking via customer reviews. We do not provide that kind of service but maybe you could find other platforms that could offer you to boost your review on Google and that would help your business gain visibility
  2. Improve your content. Your Profile page is important, having a good description, filling up the form, adding pictures and menus (in case of restaurants or other food services), etc. will help you gain visibility and customer will be more likely to post a review on your page.
  3. A successful GMB campaign has its foundations on a right and thoughtful choice of keywords! Keywords are super important here and you should definitely spend some time thinking " what are the most relevant, most important keywords for my GMB that my target market will be most likely to search on the internet?" and not just "on the internet" but "on google maps" !!! Let's make it simple: if you do not see a "Local Pack" appear when you make a search on Google search, then no-one is searching for those keywords on Google maps and Google does not even consider it interesting to refer to Maps for this search.

4.  On your campaign, target "local links" (Directories, etc...)

5. Finally, improve your CTR on your website with SERP Empire. 

Our system will only make the search on Google Search and go through the "Local Pack" link to find your business for more efficiency (as explained previously), so choose your keywords for the campaign with care...

Once on the GMB page, we will look upon the 3 first result pages (up to 60 businesses, 20 per page), locate your business, and click on your link.

If your business does not appear within the first 60 results for those keywords, then the probability for a customer to look for you beyond is almost null. In that case, you will have a "NOT FOUND" result from our system that indicates that you either need to improve your visibility in this market or that your market is currently saturated for these keywords and you better choose more specific, more original keywords to differentiate yourself from your competition.

At SERP Empire, we strongly believe in efficiency and do not wish to sell you a "useless" service! This is why we will promote what is best, most efficient for your business and help you raise to NUMBER 1!