Why the visits don't appear in my Google Search Console?

There could be several reasons why your visits do not actually appear in the Google Search Console:

  • First, we cannot find your website. In this case, please refer to our other article How to create your first campaign to make sure you entered the right information.
  • The second possibility could be that Google considers your keyword as a "small query" or "anonymized query", as explained in Google Support's related article: Performance Report.

In this case: "very rare queries (called anonymized queries) are not shown in these results to protect the privacy of the user making the query. Anonymized queries are always omitted from the table. Anonymized queries are included in chart totals unless you filter by query (either queries containing or queries not containing a given string).

If your site has a significant number of anonymized queries, you may see a significant discrepancy between the total versus (count of queries containing some_string + count of queries not containing some_string). This is because the anonymized queries are omitted whenever a filter is applied."