How to limit the number of daily searches?

You might need to limit the number of searches/day for one of your campaigns. 

For example, when using our Keywords Auto-Discovery, we might detect that you need to use 200 searches/day for optimal results, but you want to be sure that your campaign will not use more than 50 searches/day to not overuse your monthly searches.

In this case, you can use the field "Limit Maximum Searches/Day for this Campaign At" in the settings of your campaign -> country -> country settings:

Please note: If you configure in this field a number higher than the total searches/day automatically allocated for all your keywords for this country, our system will calculate a multiplying factor and apply it to all your keywords.

For example, if you had the following three keywords configured for a total of 200 searches/day

And you configured a maximum searches/day for this campaign of 50, we will then apply a multiplying factor of x0.25 to all these keywords:

keyword 1 will receive 25 searches/day, keyword 2 will receive 12.5 searches/day, and keyword 3 will receive 12.5 searches/day for a total of 50 searches/day.