How can I improve my GMB ranking?

SERP Empire developed a service to improve your Google My Business ranking. However, receiving traffic is important but does not do 100% of the job. Here are some other tips to help you to boost your visibility:

  • Improve your customer reviews. We do not provide that kind of service but maybe you could find other platforms that could offer you to boost your review on Google and that would help your business gain visibility. Otherwise, you could try to do a "review campaign" by asking your new customers to post good reviews on your profile in exchange for a discount or promotion...
  • Improve your content. Your Profile page is important, having a good description, filling up the form, adding pictures and menus (in case of restaurants or other food services), etc. will help you gain visibility and customer will be more likely to post a review on your page.
  • Finally, when using SERP Empire, make sure to configure Keywords that will have the maximum efficiency for your campaign. For this, please refer to our article Everything about GMB campaign